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05 June 2013

The Invisible Hand

What, you expect them to live like the rest of us chumps?

More than 100 members of Congress are upset that nonstop flights out of a Washington, D.C., airport to their hometowns could be a thing of the past, which they say isn’t fair to smaller communities.


The lawmakers say their primary concern is the economic impact the moves would have on small- and medium-sized destination cities.

I don't recall hearing that more than 100 members of Congress became upset about Pittsburgh (and many other cities and towns) losing most of its nonstop flights. I assume I just wasn't paying enough attention. Yes, it must be that I just wasn't paying enough attention.

Or, as Duncan says, "It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, too, Teh Market." But that's just being cynical, isn't it?



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IIRC, back when the airline industry was heavily regulated, one of the purposes was to make sure that small to medium markets had service. But we did away with that, so now they complain.


True. And it was Jimmy Carter who kicked-off deregulation mania (in fact, Carter kicked-off quite a bit that St. Ronnie is given credit for - contrary to popular belief, Carter wasn't a liberal as president).


Ol Froth

Ayup. It was liberals that pushed airline deregulation, and it was a horrible failure. At least we admit our mistakes.

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