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04 January 2013

Why Does Everything Have To Be So Complicated?

posted by gyma

I've become a "Downton Abbey" fan and the third season begins Sunday. Unfortunately, I'm up at 4:30 am on work days so I'm in bed by 9pm, which makes seeing this new season difficult since it's airing at 9pm.

I absolutely refuse to pay for TV so we have no cable, dish or satellite. If we can't get it via Netflix or OTA then we don't need to see it. 

I'm so old I can remember the days when you could program a VCR to record a show while you were sleeping or watching another show and then watch it at your convenience. What a novel concept! But who has a VCR these days? (Actually we have a combo DVD/VCR but it's in the basement and not always hooked up to the antenna.)

Anyway... I wanted to pick up a DVR this weekend so I could record the first episode of DA on Sunday. Ain't gonna happen because NO ONE SELLS A STUPID DVR FOR OTA IN A BRICK AND MORTAR STORE! Apparently my only option was a Tivo DVR that required a $15/month subscription.

So I ordered one online ($300+) and paid for rush delivery in order to be assured I'd have it by episode 2. 

What a scam.


This is why I was away all day -- I literally spent the entire day researching this problem!


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