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05 December 2012


Remember all those attempts at voter suppression the GOP was engaging in? Well...

Chanelle Hardy, a vice president at the National Urban League, told an audience at the Center For American Progress in Washington that, as conservatives had suspected, there was a drop-off in enthusiasm among the African American electorate between 2008 and 2012. Republicans based a lot of their strategy on enthusiasm dips like these, assuming that Obama wouldn’t be able to maintain the same level of minority turnout he had enjoyed in 2008.

Unfortunately for those Republican strategists’ plans, however, other Republicans in legislatures across the country were on a quest to impose restrictions on voting, chasing the ghost of in-person voter fraud.

Those Republican legislators flipped a switch with the African American vote, Hardy said, rekindling whatever enthusiasm had waned after 2008’s historic Obama win.

That worked out well, no?

Still, it's important to note that the same voter ID laws remain on the books (with more sure to follow) and Republican controlled states are still looking at ways to rig the vote - I'm looking at you, Pennsylvania.

Republicans know that demographics are going to be the death of them so rather than adjust their attitudes and policy proposals they will continue to become more fanatical about making sure the vote is preordained in their favor. Bet on it.



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