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29 November 2012

WTF, Are You Kidding Me?

posted by gyma

I'm agnostic about Susan Rice as Secretary of State. Same goes for the whole Benghazi fiasco. Like most things Washingtonian in nature the truth falls somewhere between *yawn* and *WTF!* and I doubt I'll ever know which is closer to what actually happened.

But the WaPo has got to be kidding me with this bullshit:

The choice of a successor to Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state has turned into an unexpectedly nasty political fight that could cost the White House valuable goodwill with Republicans.

Yeah, like the Republicans are a fount of goodfuckingwill.

And for the record, I can't be the only person who thinks this is all about forcing Obama to go with what is perceived as his second pick -- John Kerry. Republicans, and more specifically, Scott Brown, are salivating over the possibility.


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