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29 November 2012

Ohgoodlord (Another One)

Sensible centrist Matt Miller has sensibly centrist suggestion:

Obama should convene a presidential commission on national health costs, to be chaired by [Mitt] Romney and filled with leaders from every part of the sector (plus other relevant experts).


Done right — and by experience and temperament, Mitt Romney is arguably better positioned than anyone in the country to lead such an effort — the Romney Report could transform the debate.

Jesus Christ on a whole wheat bagel, can anyone think of a worse idea than this?

And I wish to put everyone on notice: when I'm dictator (oh, I will be...I will be) anyone who even suggests that a Blue Ribbon Commission of Wise Men be convened for any reason will be drawn, quartered, hanged, keelhauled, and shot without trial. Bet on it.



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I would suggest keelhauling, hanged, shot, and THEN drawn and quartered. If you used your ordering, you'd be hanging, keelhauling and shooting chunks of mangled manmeat. And don't rule out the wonderfully horrific "breaking on the wheel."

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