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07 May 2012

Link Dump

posted by gyma

OK, I need to get back to work so I'm going to unload on you everything that's been festering in my newsreader for the last week. Have at it.

  • Good article on the John Edwards trial. Even though I *think* Eric Holder is smarter than Alberto Gonzalez he sure isn't acting like it.
  • Joseph Curl (of The Washington Times) is really, really pissed off that MCA died and Barack Obama said nothing about it. Seriously.
  • Using those little handwipes at the grocery store to clean the cart handle just ain't gonna cut it. I'm beginning to understand how fecal matter gets into all those strange places! (via this Reddit thread)
  • In Nothing We Trust. Well, almost nothing. I haven't had time to read the whole article, but a graph embedded in the article claims we've lost the most trust over the last 10 years in the Presidency (-23), Banks (-24), and Congress (-17). I agree. We have also lost trust in SCOTUS (-13), TV News (-8), Newspapers (-7) and Organized Labor (-5). I mostly agree. But here's where I part company. Those polled claim to have MORE trust in HMOs (+6), the Criminal Justice System (+1), the Medical System (+1) and Church/Religion (+3). I was going to suggest these were the potheads, but that doesn't explain the increased trust in the criminal justice system!
  • Not sure this actually happened but when I read this over the weekend I couldn't help but think middle schoolers are running Romney's campaign.
  • For only a nickel, you too can be the proud owner of a brick from Osama bin Laden's demolished home!
  • There's a Baptist preacher in North Carolina who actually believes you can beat the gay out of your kids. What century are we living in again?
  • Not going to bother finding a link, but Levi Johnston is going to name his new kid Breeze Beretta. I swear there's something in that Alaska water.




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