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26 April 2012

The Fordzie

posed by gyma

There's a recently published book available of presidential campaign posters, including 100 of them that are ready to frame.

I was taken by this one of Gerald Ford as the Fordzie:

The Fordzie

The print below FORDZIE says, "Happy Days Are Here Again". Keep in mind that Ford was 63 years old when this poster was used, so I'm thinking it was a bit of a stretch. And how about old Jerry stealing FDR's song to convince us of a more innocent time?



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This reminds me that recently I read (here?) that someone in the Republican Party was saying Mitt Romney might appeal to younger voters, because he is a younger, more dynamic candidate (I suppose compared to John McCain or Bob Dole).

At age 65.


Well, when your Party's target demographic is 80 and older...


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