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22 March 2012

Stiff Legislation

Meanwhile, in this Commonwealth's capitol:

[State Senator Larry] Farnese’s legislation would require male patients to:

  • Be given a full prostate exam and undergo a cardiac stress test;
  • Submit a signed affidavit from a sexual partner stating that the patient suffers from ED;
  • Participate in sex therapy to determine if there are non-physical reasons for the individual’s ED; and
  • Watch a video detailing the side effects of ED medication.

The bill, which is expected to be officially filed by early next week in Harrisburg, would require physicians to provide the patient with written proof that he will benefit from using ED medication and that there are no other potential medical or psychological causes to his impotency.  Once approved, patients would have to present documentation proving that they completed the necessary requirements to their pharmacist before their ED prescription could be filled.

I would add a provision requiring the male in question to also have a marriage that's legal in Pennsylvania. Otherwise I'm good with this.

[Via reader nobozos.]



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And while we're at it, how about we stop subsidizing Viagra?

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