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29 February 2012


Get 'em while they're young:

According to the National Education Association's website, Mazda and Universal Pictures are teaming up to raise up to $1 million for public school libraries. The catch, though, is that public school libraries will get $25 every test-drive of a Mazda vehicle between Feb. 21 and April 2, 2012. So, in order to get the money, schools will need to get parents to go test-drive the cars—hence the need to enlist a fleet of mini-marketers.

Citizenship is quaint. Consumerism is patriotic. And knowing your place in this economic system - as close to the bottom as possible - is essential.



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Oh, I dunno. It beats having kids banging on my door every other day selling magazines I don't want or $1 worth of popcorn for $15. It also has the added benefit of keeping my real estate taxes low. <--- :D


It beats having kids banging on my door every other day

You've never heard of shotguns?


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