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22 August 2010

Your Modern GOP

Racist bestiality enthusiast and Republican candidate for governor Carl Palladino declares that welfare recipients should be imprisoned and forced to work. More accurately, "underused" prisons (there are such things?) would be converted into "dormitories". Said welfare recipients would be taught "personal hygiene", among other things.



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That should insure the teabagger/wingnut vote.

What gets me is no one is talking about why people are on welfare. Here in Colorado it's single mothers (those who *didn't* abort their "babies", hello?) who can't find a job that pays enough to cover the outrageous cost of child care. And since they are limited to 5 years, they better not have a 2nd child or be unlucky enough to have the kid born at a time that prohibits s/he from starting school before the welfare dries up.


My wife works at a daycare and so we get an employee discount for the two days a week our daughter is there. Even with the discount, the cost eats a third of her paycheck, illustrating how expensive daycare is, or how little daycare workers are paid.


Ol' Froth - you hit the double whammy! Daycare is outrageously expensive AND daycare workers are woefully underpaid. Good thing your sweetie pie only has to go 2 days/week.

In the county where I live, full-time daycare for an infant under the age of 1 averages $13,780 per year. For children between 2 and 5 years of age, the amount drops to $10,735 per year. Most jobs around here pay $10/hr. or $20,800 before taxes.

Yeah, single mothers are screwed. But the likes of Palladino don't get that.

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