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15 March 2010

That's Brilliant

posted by gyma

What, do you suppose, would these two things have in common?

J roberts


Give up?

In a recent chat with University of Alabama law students, in which Roberts called President Barack Obama's State of the Union address "very troubling," he was asked what he looks for in clerks.

"I like people with a fair amount of self-confidence, who are going to be comfortable with expressing their views and defending those views without, you know, wilting," he said.

He developed a self-confidence experiment once, he said, apparently when he was still an appellate judge. All the interviews were on one day, so he brought in a dozen powdered-sugar and glazed Krispy Kremes and instructed his secretary to tell the applicants to help themselves.

"I figured anybody who had enough self-confidence to pick up a doughnut that's glazed or with powdered sugar would be the sort of person I was interested in," Roberts said. "I even remember saying, 'Anybody who has a doughnut, I'll hire.' " At the end of the day, the doughnuts were untouched. "So I had to go back and look at their resumes."

That's simply staggering (and, it seems, incredibly lazy on the CJ's part).  I wonder if Roberts is a diabetic yet.



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Maria in Pgh

Who in their right mind would pick up anything with powdered sugar on it -- which always gets all over you -- before an interview? And, who in the hell would want sticky glazed-covered fingers when shaking someone's hand at an interview?

This is just flat out stupid.

Great decision-making process!

Maria in Pgh

...And, god forbid if you're just not hungry.


Yeah, I was thinking how incredibly lazy on Roberts' part. Wouldn't it be funny if ALL the applicants ate his donuts? He'd still be back at square one.

And if I had used that decision making process, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone about it! Sheesh.

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